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SPAS AND HOT TUBSDouglas Aquatics is a proud dealer of Clearwater Spas.  Let Douglas Aquatics help you discover how a Clearwater Spa can invigorate your mind and body without making a huge dent in your budget.According to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP), almost 3.5 million families currently own a spa. Join these many happy families and come visit our showroom today!  We offer:

  • A Full line of spa chemicals and equipment
  • Spa accessories and fragrances
  • Spa Covers: Custom ordered in size and color

ANATOMY OF A SPACabinet or SkirtSynonymous terms for the box containing the spa.  Once nearly all wood, now mostly made from longer-lasting synthetic materials.  It may coordinate with steps or storage units on the outside of the spa.ControlsTurn lights, jets, heaters (and more) on and off from a variety of places:

  • Top side – standard configuration is a panel with on/off buttons for jets and lights, as well as temperature adjustment.
  • In spa – auxiliary panel built into or near a seat across the tub from the main panel.  Also, some jet faceplates can be turned, adjusting that jet’s force.  Valves may also be rotated to change the massaging action.
  • In house remote – a wireless or hardwired panel that may be installed almost anywhere
  • Floating remote

ShellThe acrylic or thermoplastic surface of the hot tub; it is available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

  • Marble – a swirled combination of a dominant color with black and/or white streaks
  • Pearlescent – similar to that of marble, but lighter, whispier and shinier
  • Granite – for a textured stone look
  • Tile – more typical of custom construction

EquipmentHot tub water is circulated, heated and filtered by one or more pumps, a filter and heater.  Typically, filtration, heating and water sanitizing cycles are preset by the manufacturer.

  • Pumps – move water slowly for basic circulation or rapidly for vigorous massage
  • Heater – contained in the spa’s inner workings
  • Filter – usually a cartridge that should be accessible
  • Ozonator – an automated way to rid spa water of unwanted contaminants

JetsOutlets where water enters the spa to give a particular kind of massage. May target sore feet and calves, wrists and forearms.

  • Swirling – spins water inside the jet for a targeted massage
  • Neck – sends streams down the back of over the shoulders
  • Whirlpool – moves all the water in a circular motion
  • Gattling  – gives a pulsating massage over a large area
  • Foot – may be positioned in the footwell or in the wall at the end of a lounge seat

CoverTypically vinyl-covered foamSeatsDifferent shapes create a variety of hot tubbing experiences.

  • Lounge – a popular option that mimics a chaise lounge
  • Reverse-molded – jets built into outcroppings that send water streams over shoulders or down the back
  • Loveseat – built for two
  • Cool-down – a simple bench on a raised area
  • Whirlpool – multiple jets that create a whirlpool within a single seating area

On-Board EntertainmentToday’s hot tubs come with many options, such as:

  • Pop-up television
  • DVD player
  • CD player
  • Stereo speakers