Pool Opening

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Douglas Aquatics will perform the following tasks upon opening your swimming pool:

  • Remove, clean, treat with stowaway, and fold your swimming pool cover (if applicable)
  • Reassemble your filtration equipment, install handrails and ladders, inspect and clean filter and/or chlorination system.
  • Inspect slide, diving board, and water features (if applicable)
  • Upon start up, inspect plumbing and filtration equipment for leaks
  • Evaluate function of pool cleaner (if applicable)
  • Adjust your water level to proper operating level and start the filtration/circulation system.
  • Remove all debris from the swimming pool and surface skimmers.  Clean the swimming pool; to include vacuuming and brushing the floor and walls of your swimming pool.
  • Inspect underwater lights.
  • Add balancing chemicals to the swimming pool based on initial water condition.
  • Check all equipment at the facility and advise Owner of any needed repairs.
  • Drain and clean swimming pool (if necessary at an additional cost)

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